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Make the most out of your time in Khao Lak. Rid those muscles of knots and unlock your potential at Rosalyn Spa by Pullman Khao Lak. From the scent of essential oils to ancient techniques that have been tested and proven, everything here is to help you feel refreshed and refocus.

At Rosalyn Spa by Pullman Khao Lak, we feature a range of treatment rooms that are designed specifically for rituals. There is a locally inspired room dedicated to Thai massage, as well as a Hammam room for Rain Mist Retreat. Want to embark on a spa journey with your partner? Of course, we can make it happen. Each treatment room is completed with a steam room and a private pool. Here, you can relax, and enjoy a luxuriate soak or invigorating steam before you go. The key is to boost your wellbeing.

Rosalyn Spa

Relaxing stays are essential these days, not an option. Talk to us at Rosalyn Spa by Pullman Khao Lak, and we will figure out a game plan that targets your goals. Whether you are looking for a muscle-soothing massage or a moisturizing facial, our team of therapists will work with you to bring the best possible results. Come, restore your sense of well-being, and take on the day.

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